Why TransBat website and eBooks

The need to promote in a wide range of battery users the knowledge of the related transport regulations inspired us in the realization of these eBooks and the TransBat website, where illustrate in effective way the relevant obligation for shipper of batteries, and equipments, appliances and machinery containing them.

When intended for transport, several batteries technologies are regulated as Dangerous Goods by the United  Nations Transport Organisation  and other national transport  authorities (read more). This regulation is being  permanently  adapted  to take into consideration  the evolution of the technologies.

Batteries benefit of a growing market and multiple new usages and applications are constantly proposed to the end users.

Battery technology  innovation   and   development  helps   an   increasing   number   of technicians and  engineers  to design  new  equipment powered  by  autonomous sources  of energy  such  as batteries.

The necessity  for an increasing number  of economic actors to respect the UN Dangerous Goods Regulation   requires  modern   communication  tools  to inform   the  shippers  of batteries about their duties and responsibilities when offering them for transport.

The aim of this manual  is to offer a simple and visual means to access the UN Regulation via  a  modern   multimedia   communication  tool.  

The two manuals cover respectively "Lithium ion and Lithium metal batteries", and  "Lead-acid, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Sodium-Nickel chloride batteries". 

The  regulation   is  presented   in  a summarized format  covering ground, air and maritime transportation modes. ln a page opposite the various regulations, the  packaging and labelling instructions  are illustrated to facilitate the implementation of the transport regulation  as well as the packaging and labelling requirements by the shipper of batteries (read more).

The  objective  of  EUROBAT and RECHARGE is to offer  access to  the  UN Transport  Regulation  to  the largest number of interested  parties in order to make them aware of their duties and responsibilities when shipping batteries according the UN regulation.

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