The lithium batteries

Transport and Packaging Instructions

This manual is designed to provide a quick and effective guide to readers who needs to prepare a shipment of lithium cells and batteries, either new or waste, by road, maritime and air transport modes.

The manual is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 is  summarizing the main regulation requirements for road, sea and air transport.
  • Part 2 contains  33 Summary Sheets where the different transport modes requirements are summarized in one page, with the appropriate packaging shipping documents, marks, and labels

On the opposite page, an illustration of the packaging instructions is offered to the reader and presented with illustrative examples to guide the reader.

The tool will be updated with the changes of the regulation by time.

The tool is a coedition between Hyper and Recharge (The European Association of Advanced Rechargeable Batteries). We have reserved special conditions for Recharge's Members: please ask for special conditions according to your requirements by sending us an email directly.

Summary of Economic conditions  

Transport and Packaging Instuctions for:





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